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Common Questions About Orthodontics for Adults (Benefits, Treatment Options, and More)

Are you considering getting braces as an adult? Has your dentist alerted you regarding teeth alignment issues? You might be curious about orthodontics for adults.

There are a variety of new treatment plans, so seeing an orthodontist later in life can seem daunting. Plus, it might seem like orthodontic treatment is only for kids and teenagers. You might even be skeptical what the orthodontic benefits for adults are.

Don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal to feel this way and know that you aren’t alone.

The field of orthodontics has considerably advanced throughout the past decade. There are many options to realign teeth. Orthodontic treatment don’t have to sentence you to years of wearing heavy metal brackets.

Let us walk you through the process of what orthodontic treatment might look like as an adult. We’ll address some common fears and discuss why it’s important to align your smile.

Having Orthodontic Issues as an Adult Isn’t Uncommon

There tends to be a low rate of enthusiasm towards adult orthodontic treatment. Some question whether the costs of intervention are worth it. Others might consider themselves “too old” for orthodontics to have any positive impact.

It might feel embarrassing or irritating to see orthodontic issues come to play at an older age. But while seeing an orthodontist is common for children and teens, it turns out that one in five orthodontic patients are over 18. Though counterintuitive, this means that orthodontic treatment for adults is actually quite common.

Studies have even shown that despite the low initial enthusiasm, adult patients are highly satisfied with orthodontic treatment. While several receive orthodontic treatment for physical symptoms, they also walk out with boosted self-esteem. Their quality of life appears to improve, too.

Still, that doesn’t mean the decision to receive orthodontic treatment is trivial. Orthodontic treatment can take time, energy, and money. It’s important to understand how orthodontic treatment can benefit you before you take a leap of faith.

Why Is It Important to Address Orthodontic Issues?

Misaligned teeth can cause a variety of issues. Some notable concerns include tooth decay, the abnormal wearing of tooth enamel, difficulty chewing, difficulty speaking, and excess stress on supporting bone and gum issues. Severe misalignment might even cause breathing issues.

But the negative effects of misaligned teeth aren’t just physical. Many people report feeling self-conscious, less attractive, and less confident. While a straightened row of pearly whites isn’t something you should pursue to please others, it can improve the way you view yourself.

Ultimately, the excess strain on teeth caused by misalignment leads to gum diseases, cracked teeth, jaw strain, and headaches. Plus, your confidence can take a hit as a result. Most of these issues can be avoided or placated via orthodontic intervention.

How Does Getting Braces Work As An Adult?

Recent advances in orthodontic treatment mean that you don’t necessarily have to settle for traditional brackets and liners. Clear aligners and even braces placed on the back of rows of teeth are options for those looking for a more discreet option. These options can suit an adult lifestyle better, especially if you work in a field where self-presentation is important.

Many adults are skeptical as to whether any type of orthodontic treatment actually works as an adult. The answer to this question is that anyone, at any age, can get a healthy, shining smile.

Other Courses of Treatment

It is true that orthodontic treatment might see quicker results in adolescents. Because bone structures tend to stop growing as an adult, some tasks cannot be accomplished without surgery. The process might take longer, too, on average lasting two years.

Still, as previously mentioned, teeth can be moved at any age.
In the Utah area, Edge Orthodontics offers various treatments like:

  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Corrective jaw surgery
  • Implant surgery

And more! Check with an orthodontist to select the best plan for you.

Is Orthodontics For Adults Cost-Effective?

One common concern preventing patients from receiving orthodontic treatment is the costs. Many are hesitant to pursue orthodontic treatment for adults because they are not sure whether the expenditures are worth it.

Important to keep in mind is that orthodontic treatment is a preventative measure. As previously mentioned, leaving teeth misaligned can cause various issues that can impede a patient’s quality of life. Plus, leaving teeth misaligned can also negatively impact self-esteem.

Kicking dental issues to the curb for a later day might not be the best course of action. While the extent of issues that can arise is determined by how severe misalignment is, it is no doubt easier to avoid any future concerns altogether.
Letting the state of your teeth deteriorate will inevitably lead to a need for intervention. Oftentimes, dental procedures to fix damaged teeth can be costly. The prices of dental procedures like dental bonding or fillings can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Ultimately orthodontics will save you dental costs later down the line. This makes the costs of treatment worth it for most patients, even if it might seem like a lot during the initial stages of treatment.

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