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Toothache Day: How Orthodontics Can Help 

February 9th is Toothache Day and at Edge Orthodontics in Provo, Utah, we understand the importance of treating tooth pain. Whether you are experiencing a toothache or want to prevent one, our orthodontic practice has the solutions you need. 

At-Home Remedies for Toothaches 

If you are experiencing a toothache, there are a few things you can do at home to help alleviate the pain. 

Rinse your mouth with warm water to help clean the area around the tooth. 

Use dental floss to remove any food particles that may be stuck between your teeth. 

Place a cold compress on your cheek near the affected tooth to help reduce swelling and pain. 

Over-the-counter pain medication can also help alleviate pain. 

Orthodontics and Toothaches 

While at-home remedies can help alleviate toothache pain, orthodontic treatment can help prevent and treat toothaches in several ways. 

Straightening Teeth: Crooked or crowded teeth can cause tooth decay and gum disease, leading to toothaches. Orthodontic treatment can straighten teeth, reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. 

Improving Bite Alignment: A misaligned bite can cause uneven wear on the teeth and lead to toothaches. Orthodontic treatment can correct a misaligned bite, reducing the risk of toothaches. 

Reducing Plaque Buildup: Braces and other orthodontic appliances can trap plaque and food particles, making it easier for our hygienists to clean your teeth and gums, which can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease and thus toothaches. 

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At Edge Orthodontics, we are dedicated to helping our patients achieve healthy and beautiful smiles. Our team of experienced orthodontists in Provo, Utah, can provide the treatment and care you need to prevent and treat toothaches. 


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